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Paper bag

Special treats such as fresh bread and deli sandwiches always look more appetizing when they are packed in a tiny and tidy paper bags. We've got a Kraft paper bag for each and every type of merchandise you sell, whether it's a fresh dill pickle from the barrel or a grilled hot dog away from the roller. If you are wondering where to purchase paper bags, we've got a massive choice of paper bags for sale at the lowest prices.


The paper bags with handles you use to pack your customers' items gives you one final opportunity to make an impression on them when they leave your store. Make sure you stock quality shopping paper bags which are easy to transport and will not rip or tear, even when they are stuffed with a lot of groceries. Picking the right paper bag is important for your carryout company also. Food orders will not shift or spill in a newspaper bag, that is the ideal size and shape. We've got a massive variety of wholesale paper packaging bags and paper bags with handles for sale which is the ideal for your industry.

Material: Copper board paper, kraft paper, special paper

Process: hot stamping, concave (convex), embossing, steam eye, UV, film coating (oil)

Application and characteristics: Traditional plastic shopping paper bags are thin, fragile and environmentally friendly in order to save costs, but different environmentally friendly paper bags are thin, durable and environmentally friendly. The exquisite appearance greatly improves the value of the paper bags with handles product, and printing LOGO or advertising can also bring certain publicity and promotion benefits.

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