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Stickers and Labels

The stickers and labels' material: Copper plate paper, heat sensitive paper, PP synthetic paper, PET paper, PVC paper, silver dragon, fragile paper, laser paper

Technology: Rotary six-color printing, silk printing, full cutting, half cutting, point cutting, bronzing, bar code printing.

Application and characteristics of stickers and labels: It can be used as product instructions to increase the printing area and volume of a single label in the past, and increase the printing content, thus improving the packaging level of the product.

The stickers and labels are widely used in: clothing, food, books, toys, logistics, electronics, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

High quality custom label printing products. When you order custom labels from Welm custom label printing manufacturers, you're not only guaranteed a high-quality printing job, you're also given the freedom to take your label design in any direction you choose.

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