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Paper Brochure

Paper brochure is great for pitching your business, supplementing a sales presentation or leaving behind as a collateral piece. You can customize your paper brochure and pamphlet printing or choose one of our convenient Brochure Print Set options. 

Material of the paper brochure: Commonly used materials are copper plate paper and Book paper. Copper plate paper can be divided into 105 g, 128 g, 157 g, 200 g, 250 g and 300 g for color, and book paper can be divided into 70 g and 80 g for black and white.

The pamphlet printing process: optical film (oil), dumb film (oil), UV, gilding, indentation, embossing

The paper brochure application and characteristics: Manual is a relatively detailed description of an event or an object in the form of applied style, so as to facilitate people to know and understand an event or an object. According to the needs, we can use pictures, charts, words and other diversified forms to achieve the best results, and the role of advertising and confidence dissemination can not be ignored.

Propaganda products: Propaganda products to arouse consumers'desire to buy, thus achieving purchase and promoting commodity circulation, are the basic attributes of product instructions.

2. Expanding news: The product description plays an important role in popularizing scientific and cultural knowledge, expanding information flow, and in information dissemination, replication, exchange, utilization and feedback. It realizes the necessary link between exchange and consumption in the four links of production, exchange, distribution and consumption in the process of social production.

3. Disseminate knowledge: The content of product instructions often involves the popularization, propaganda and utilization of knowledge, science and technology, etc. It condenses the crystallization of knowledge and is disseminated and absorbed by people. To achieve sales, producers begin with the production of product specifications. Consumers often begin with the understanding of product specifications, which is a necessary link to create a brand. Brands can be boosted by product specifications, so that the brand has a visual effect of image and intuition. Find the best paper brochure or pamphlet printing product on Welm.

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