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Jewelry Gift Box

The gift box is composed of face paper and cardboard. The face paper includes double copper paper, fly ash paper, kraft paper and special paper. Paperboard: Paperboard includes white board, grey board and black board.
Among them, the weight of copper plate paper, ash paper and kraft paper is 128g-210g, that of special paper is 150g-210g and that of cardboard is 800g-2000g.

Process: Light film (oil), dumb film (oil), UV, gilding, concave, convex, relief (gilding + convex)

Box type: drawer box, heaven and earth box, book box, cylinder box

Application and characteristics: Gift box is an extension of the social needs of packaging mode. It not only has the function of packaging, but also highlights the value of commodities to a certain extent. The beauty of gift box is proportional to the increase of commodity value.
Super influence in beautifying goods to attract customers.

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