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Why honey clothing brand paper bag?

by:Welm     2020-06-20
At present in our daily life when we buy clothes shops will always provide a bag to buy goods from the customers, the general use of paper bag. With the rapid development of paper packaging market in recent years, the merchants of using paper bag is also more and more, so, relative to the plastic packing, why do businesses prefer to use paper bag? 1. Paper bag more environmentally friendly. Plastic bag is in daily life consumables, it provide convenience to customers in at the same time, also causes the resources waste and pollution to the environment. Relatively speaking, more environmental paper bag, paper is a kind of resources can be recycled, and itself has the characteristics of the biodegradable. 2. Paper bag is easy to finalize the design. With the development of economy, people's aesthetic level also rises rapidly, paper bag easier to finalize the design, more upscale. 3. Paper bag is more beautiful. Paper packaging materials are in the packaging industry, it is because of printing paper material performance is good, can print all kinds of brand LOGO and the exquisite design, advertising for the product promotion plays a very important role in 4. Paper bag to protect consumer privacy. People in the mall to buy personal items and then use the transparent plastic bag walking on the street is very awkward, and the paper avoided this garment bag is very good, can protect the privacy of personal belongings. These are all so many merchants prefer paper bag. Hong Kong star packaging professional custom paper clothes
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