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Why do most of the clothing enterprises preferred brown paper bag?

by:Welm     2020-07-07
Garment paper bag we segment for everyone: kraft paper bags on the market a lot of categories, then multi-layer kraft paper bags and can be divided into what type? Let us in the following content to understanding the multi-layer kraft paper bags. Multilayer kraft paper bag, including three layers of paper bags, paper bags, multi-layer paper bag, handbag, four layer seam square bottom paper bag, paper bag, valve bag and so on. In the PP material is used on paper pour a layer of membrane, waterproof effect; Adopt imported Russian yellow white kraft paper, kraft paper, or Canada. Can add the lining of the bag. Also can be color offset printing. Form by the seam floor openings, laiwu paper bags, with environmental protection, health, etc. Multi-layer kraft paper bags: there are imported kraft paper, kraft paper and domestic kraft paper and perfect new material PP woven fabric composite material, bag can add PE bags, composite food grade requirements completely. Can be arbitrary choice for your packaging.
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