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Wholesale wholesale gift box manufacturers of gift box, packaging forms

by:Welm     2020-06-05
Wholesale gift box manufacturers wholesale gift packaging gift box show in the form of the technique is to solve the problem of how to behave, perfect the external image need to perfect packaging, take the form of table technique, how is will affect the image of the establishment, so form is external weapons, is a specific language, is the design of visual communication design table. Consider including the following aspects of form of gift box wholesale gift box manufacturer wholesale how performance chart and the subject of graphic design; Use a photo or painting; Concrete or abstract; Realistic freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting; Inductive or curved; Whether to adopt a certain form of process; Size, how the tea gift box packaging such as how the colour of the performance of the overall tone; All parts of color piece of hue, lightness, purity of how to grasp the mutual relation, area of different colour has changed how, etc. Wholesale gift box manufacturers wholesale gift box of the performance of the brand and how to design the name font; How the size of the font. Trademarks, text and subject map location arrangement on how to handle; Shape, color, words constitute the relationship between the parts such as q; In a what kind of arrangements for composition. Wholesale gift box manufacturers wholesale gift box performance whether or not to be supporting decorative processing; In the use of gold, silver and skin texture, texture change and so on. These are to be in the form of considering the whole process of detailed scrutiny. Wholesale wholesale gift box manufacturers of gift box, choose Hong Kong stars.
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