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Wholesale tea gift box manufacturers selling, with production speed strength

by:Welm     2020-05-15
Will find a lot of customers, their previous suppliers have no way to guarantee a delivery speed, affect their production plan, lead to the entire product shelves need to be delayed. May also affect the market share of their products. Wholesale tea gift box manufacturers selling, Hong Kong star, let the customer enjoy aircraft delivery speed, timely completion of customer requirements. 1, in addition to large cargo document processing designers more proofing designers responsible for proofing. Customers proofing before the big goods, the day can give to the customer see the effect, can docking site and the customer needs to be changed. Will need to row of single waiting time before saving. 2 7 + 1 printing presses, Heidelberg, Germany, no longer like before a color printer will again last, not only no but also sets a big waste of time, After working for the front printing ink to print the next, very waste of time, such as is often the things the night) 。 Multiple color also printed at one time, in terms of quality and speed are improved significantly. 3, automatic hot stamping machine and automatic die cutting machine. When in the wholesale tea gift packaging gift box manufacturers selling design documents for there are many fine craft, such as hot stamping, hit convex ( Hit a convex place close to the knife line) And die cutting. Hong Kong star will be in automatic hot stamping machine, hot stamping, and automatic die cutting machine to blow convex process machine. And then the hot stamping and convex. After the hot with automatic hot stamping machine for die cutting, two or three times more efficient than hand motivation. Wholesale tea gift packaging gift box manufacturers selling, choose Hong Kong stars.
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