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Wholesale tea gift box factory direct sale, production diversification

by:Welm     2020-05-23
Want to make a packaging, necessarily will need to have a process to value-added for packaging. So tea wholesale gift box manufacturers selling what are commonly? Hong Kong star has ten years of actual production time, do it today for the customer list of some commonly used to process, hope to be able to give a reference to the customer. 1, reverse the UV printing, this is a lot of collocation of positioning in the high-end product packaging, often used in a process. Because it is able to have the whole unique texture, and Hong Kong star will also be able to make exclusive lines, for the customer in the already very exquisite packaging, do more beautifully. 2, the tea gift box wholesale manufacturers selling die cutting process. Points: according to the form of die cutting roller die cutting, garden pressure die cutting, die cutting. Die cut can be used on the different needs of occasions, it can carry out high speed continuous die cutting, and can renew manual paper semi-automatic die-cutting, various industries have used, in the domestic packaging processing occupied the main position in the market. Wired in the field of cigarette packages and other high-end garden die cutting pressure circle has considerable scale of application of the circular die cutting technology to use less, mainly used in large size of convertor. Along with the advance of technology, magnetic die-cutting, digital die cutting and other new die cutting technology developed slowly. 3, wholesale tea gift packaging gift box manufacturers selling hot stamping process. Hot stamping process can be divided into heat and cold, concave and convex hot stamping and holographic hot stamping, printing, hot stamping will according to the different electrochemical aluminum material is divided into ordinary electrochemical aluminum hot stamping, holographic electrochemical aluminum hot stamping. Hot stamping foil chemical performance, stamping speed was increased, the current hot stamping process can be completed online. Wholesale tea gift box manufacturers selling, choose Hong Kong stars.
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