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Wholesale custom of gift box, design factors need to be aware of

by:Welm     2020-06-03
A can of gift box wholesale custom impact effect, so is the design, because all the production are implemented according to the design. Now Hong Kong star to summarize several design factors need to be aware of, hope to be helpful to the customers. Page color too uniform, color mixed and disorderly, too unified color actually give users are more troubled, 'use unified color is easy to remember' this statement is not too strict, established the idea premise is the color of the product color design should accord with human visual perception, produce beauty first, and the feeling of harmony, then likely to memory, otherwise the instinct of the human brain to rejection. Color uniform color contrast is difficult to distinguish, include the control of brightness and saturation, no matter what you want to uniform color, wholesale custom gift packaging gift box key information must not be the color itself. Don't always imitate OR copy others' wholesale custom of gift packaging gift box is always others, want to own packaging can be persuasive in the market, can draw lessons from others, but also want to have their own ideas in there, otherwise the product will be homogenized. Wholesale custom of gift packaging gift box, choose Hong Kong stars.
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