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White card paper bags must be coated?

by:Welm     2020-06-15
In the present there are a lot of has coated white card paper bag. Because the film coating can improve the toughness of the paper, burst degrees, protect the printing image, improve the service life of the bag and beautiful degree, question, need a coated white cardboard gift bags must be, if not coated consequences? White cardboard the biggest characteristic is high hardness, smooth and strong, it is because the single side coating, printing image effect is not as sharp and clear double copper paper, poor color expressive force. If you don't coated white cardboard gift bags, paper printing more crisp, after printing image is likely to rub off, indentation, easily. Even when the shipments, gift bag looks no problem, but there is no guarantee of quality, it is easy to occur in the late of complaints by the customer, the worst may be rework or lose customers forever, in all consequences. UV technology bag only from this procedure to protect the paper? In fact is not, if the budget is enough, also can use oil or UV printing, both can protect the gift paper bag, prolong the service life of gift bags. If you need to do handbag at the same time, I don't know to choose what kind of paper, when the Hong Kong star sincerely service for you.
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