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Which kind of paper bag printing needs to be used?

by:Welm     2020-07-10
Which kind of paper bag printing needs to be used? Hello, everyone. Today, we have to explain to you bag print request, let people more understanding and recognition. Bag printing paper smoothness, smoothness is the most important paper printing performance. What kind of printing method is not wet. The handbag and the outline of printed matters in the smooth image is clearly visible on a page. This is because a smooth paper can better access to the plate, in order to get the ink on the plate. These layers evenly transferred to the paper surface. Is not stable, because the paper surface smoothness low paper cannot be evenly in contact with the plate, printing ink layer cannot be transferred to the paper surface, well lead to print false, affect the printing quality. Bag printing paper moisture content: how much handbag printing paper moisture content will affect the printing quality. If the paper contains more water, will reduce the strength of the paper. Under the action of external force, the fiber is pulled out, plasticity, impact imprinted drying speed. If the paper moisture content is too little, the paper will be brittle, easy to damage, and handbags printing will generate static electricity. Bag printing paper absorbency: the absorbency of paper refers to the extent of the paper and ink absorption. Paper absorbs ink, the more the more paper absorbs ink, and vice versa. Paper on ink absorption depends on the size of the gap between paper fibers, the compactness of the paper. If the space between the paper fiber is too small, ink absorption will is very poor, and vice versa. In the process of printing, paper and ink absorption quantity should be moderate. Because when paper ink absorption quantity is too little, it is easy to appear mark is not clear or is not obvious, will produce fuzzy, telegraphing phenomenon. The above is the bag printing related content. If you want to know more information, please pay attention to our official website, in order to obtain details about!
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