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Which is more suitable for non-woven shopping bag and kraft paper bag?

by:Welm     2020-06-20
Hong Kong star recently we received a lot of questions from customer, non-woven bag and kraft paper bags to choose which good? Actually this kind of paper bag, there is no which is better, I think, only to see which is more suitable for according to utility. Kraft paper bags, is generally not coated, the laptop can use paper portable laptop or nylon, cotton hand; Non-woven bags, can be coated, coated. Printing process, all can use monochrome, multicolor, color printing. From cost to consider, the same number, than a brown paper bag non-woven bags of the same, but some more environmental protection, a brown paper bag From bearing capacity for, non-woven bags to general bearing significant points, kraft paper, more commonly used in clothing, footwear.
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