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When packaging procurement matters needing attention

by:Welm     2020-06-30
Is to protect the product packaging materials, often use packaging, good packaging can draw customers, make customers feel high-end products, make other people feel bad carton, products, and bad carton is easy to cause the destruction of the product. When purchasing box to pay attention to the clear understanding of the properties of the cartons, and some special matters need attention, so as not to buy defective carton, let's take you know about the packing box considerations of choose and buy. 1, the packing packaging gift box in the burst strength and puncture strength, compressive strength under the premise of quality standards, such as its thickness is not as thick as possible, it is beautifully printed cartons, feel is good, ply moderate accepted by more and more customers. 2, marginal pressure strength: box board parallel to the direction under pressure. 3, packaging gift box: compressive strength increases at a constant speed displacement by the force of compression carton, carton are able to withstand the most strongly value known as the compressive strength, the strength for the same specifications carton, mainly decided by the carton marginal pressure strength. Share with you the above packaging procurement matters needing attention, I hope it can help you purchase packing packaging gift box. If necessary, welcome to come to consult, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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