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What's it like in a printing and packaging plant by the spectrum?

by:Welm     2020-07-10
How to choose a high quality printing and packaging plant is mainly two points. One is to choose good design designer. The second is the strength of the printing plant and production equipment. Both have printing requirements of individual or company, when choosing the printing shop, will be considering some factors, by comparison, because now the industry competition is intense, so you can choose more and more sex, so without careful screening, I always feel wrong. If you want to do for the enterprise to hang card printing or paper card printing, facing several printing plant, how to select a printer? Hong Kong star share some measures of choose the printing presses. 1, look at the printing shop equipment good equipment is the main essential factor that the carton printing. Germany imported Heidelberg printing series of high precision, stable quality. But due to the limited funding, some small printing plant often adopt domestic and even backward small printing equipment, not only printing cycle is long, and the printing quality is difficult to guarantee. 2, see the printing technology printing technology, especially the color management in the prepress technology, is the key to ensure print exactly the same as that of design. Good modern printing enterprise adopt to the ICC color management technology. The color management system based on computer operating system, the ICC file can be used as the basis of color conversion. As long as any input or output devices to support this format, you can accurately color conversion between them. This also means that the image is created or color capture to the final image output, performs color conversion in the form of the system. From one device to another device ( From the computer to the printer, or from the sample to the printing press) Conversion process, the color management system can try to maintain and optimize the color fidelity, so as to achieve & other; Wysiwyg & throughout; The purpose of, to avoid a similar situation in this case. 3, look at the printing shop experience good printing quality still depends on the printing enterprise is rich experience and skilled technical workers. Based on the above factors, it is not hard to see, tag printing quality is closely related to their own interests. Only layers of inspection equipment, technology and experience of the printing enterprise, eliminate blind pursuit of low prices, psychology, to avoid this case in the case of happening again, make real sample transfer of enterprise product value, to create a powerful way of economic benefits. The main differences between 4, note the printing shop mainly embodied in the equipment, professional, quality, price and service. Among them, the equipment is mainly decided to the printing shop good at. When selecting presses must remember this. Heidelberg uv printers Hong Kong star printing and packaging plant is a professional production and design clothing labels, CARDS, packaging, color packaging gift box, adhesive label, product manuals and other printed matter of integrated production enterprises. Mainly in the service of shoe, textile, clothing, electronics and other industries. Company has the output from design to production molding all production equipment: digital prepress operating system, a new Heidelberg printing machine, golden hot printing machine, uv machine, die-cutting machine and so on more than 20 process production equipment. It provides customers with a set of high quality color printing solutions, before printing, printing, after printing, personality changes in different products to meet customer demand.
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