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What process packaging custom need?

by:Welm     2020-07-01
Now, the logistics industry is developing rapidly over time, nature will also take other relevant industries, than which packaging industry, must have packing box is often used to, even the import and export goods and we will use the small carton, these are all we are closely related, in all walks of life, custom box is frequently seen, so what's the need to pay attention to in the process of custom; 1, the size of the packaging gift box, can customize the carton is according to their own needs to choose the most appropriate size, achieve maximum utilization of the carton. This can be good measure the dimensions of the goods first, and then to determine the size of the carton. 2, packaging materials, before the custom packing box, you need according to the weight of the loading of the goods by yourself, to choose the right carton material. Cartons are usually made of corrugated board, everyone can properly choose according to the stowage. The thickness of 3, packaging customization. This is the thickness of the carton and buffer capacity need to be taken into account. In the gram weight of paper, corrugated stared blankly high is higher, the cushioning performance is better, the hardness will be worse; Corrugated stare blankly more short, the cushioning properties of paper are the worse, hardness is, the better. It can undertake choosing according to the cargo of all.
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