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What is the corporate brochure production flow?

by:Welm     2020-07-15
Compared with the ordinary books, brochure design not only includes the design of the cover and back cover, also includes the lining cloth, such as the cover page, text layout, brochure design for integral feeling. For designers, they need to grasp. From a brochure format and choice of font to the directory and the change of the format, the image from choreography to the color setting, from the choice of materials to the printing process of innovation, all need to overall consideration and planning, then reasonable to mobilize all the design elements, organic integration, the connotation of the service. Today, the printing shop will introduce you to the making process of the corporate brochure is a preparation phase: the entrusted by the principal corporate brochure design, first of all to collect design, all kinds of information and resources. Include: to promote the object product, market and consumer research analysis, and is suitable for the enterprise logo trademark brochures, fonts, standard color and other technical information of design and production. 2 it is through the communication with the enterprise, to determine the size of the brochure and sketches. Determine the brochure format and size of the quantity, selection of printing materials, printing, and then draw the sketch. Creative stage design brochure cover and back cover to have strong product personality and corporate image. Compared with the cover, the creation phase of the inside pages layout is soft. Inside pages usually use ready-made material design, has a unique personality and certain artistic atmosphere will foil theme. If there are many pictures, the focus should be highlighted. In order to avoid confusion, we must often communicate with customers, to create, to make some changes and adjust the sketch, then finalized. In technology production, need according to the final printing requirements on the computer, and then to print. Above is the printing shop to bring your brochure production process. The making process of the brochure is very important. A brochure beautiful need a lot of precautions. Only pay attention to pay attention to the prevention measures, completes the brochures. If you want to know more, welcome to our website!
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