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what is blister packaging? -

by:Welm     2020-04-19
Blister packaging.Have you noticed all the products in plastic, aluminum or cardboard?Back to Back and plasticfaced pockets?These packages are often called blister packages.Blister packaging is widely used in retail and medical fields.One of the most common uses of blister packaging is the use of cold and flu drugs at the counter.These drugs are usually packed in a package with a card called a blister card.These cards are usually made of aluminum foil, cardboard or plastic pockets.These pockets contain a single (or unit) dose of the drug.The drug that gets the unit dose is just a matter of opening the blister pocket on the card.Eliminated attempts to find dose information on the back of the packaging gift box;The guess is eliminated and it is easier and more accurate to administer the medicine.Blister packaging consists of \"blister packaging\" or \"blister card.\\ \"These cards arePockets usually formed by a molded network made of thermoformed plastic such as PVC.Cards with these blisters are usually made of cardboard, aluminum foil or plastic.Empty blisters on the card are filled and sealed, usually also with cardboard, aluminum foil or plastic.When blisters are formed, filled, and sealed in a process on the same machine, it is called the \"table fill seal\" process.Blister packaging uses a pocket made of thermoformed plastic or cold formed foil.If the plastic is thermoformed, it has been untied from the spool and warmed up so that it becomes soft and soft.Plastic is then formed around the mold to form a pocket or cavity that can hold the product.Once the plastic is cooled, it becomes hard and maintains a new shape.It can then be easily removed from the mold and incorporated into the blister package.If the blister packaging is formed using cold formed foil, the stamp presses aluminum-based laminated film (or cold formed foil) into the mold.Blister wrap made of cold foil provides an almost non-penetrating barrier to water and air.This barrier means that they can extend the validity period of the product, which makes this blister package ideal when dispensing the drug.If the blister package contains a card with multiple blister pockets, it is called a blister card or blister strip.Blister strips don\'t always have plastic cavities.Typically, these cavities are formed and sealed by the same material (such as cardboard or aluminum foil) as the packaging backing.Some types of blister packs, such as clam shells, can be very difficult to open.Clam shells are formed around the mold of the product they want to contain.Some clam shells do have an opening mechanism on the package, but since one of the main uses of the clam shell is to ensure anti-tampering, most clam shells do not contain an easy-to-open mechanism.This difficulty usually means that they are rarely used in the medical field for unit doses and blister packaging.Instead, they are most commonly used in retail.Because in the United States, blister packaging provides some anti-tamperingThey are mainly used for counter medicines and doctor samples.Other advantages of blister packaging include guaranteed shelf life, easy single-dose packaging and drug management.Blister packaging.
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