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What gift box factory standard production process?

by:Welm     2020-06-11
Gift boxes production involves 10 several working procedure, so the gift packaging gift box manufacturers when arrange production must be strictly in accordance with a set of standard production procedures to perform, to reduce the errors and mistakes in the process of production. Hong Kong star paper professionally produced gift boxes more than 10 years and has rich production experience. Here is our company's standard production procedures: 1. Calculate material. First get a gift boxes, breaking it down into cardboard materials, package materials, lining material, and then calculated according to the size of the corresponding materials it should mean, preparing for the following steps. 2. Operation mode. Know how to open the material, can according to the operation mode. 3. Cutting. Die cutter to can open material, after the first try cutting die, no problem if the gift packaging gift box parts die cutting into semi-finished products. 4. Pasting on the assembly line production. The die cutting good semi-finished products through the craft, or pasting the molding machine. 5. Lined with assembly. Gift packaging gift box is lined with commonly, after pasting installed lining is almost finished. 6. Quality supervision, inspection and packing. The installed lined with gift box by artificial quality inspection, packing to prepare the delivery no problem.
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