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What gift box box type right? Actual customer real case

by:Welm     2020-06-13
The appropriate box to product packaging, different products of different size do box type has a different stress. This is especially true of gift box, without an appropriate box, in the high-end design also is not recognized by consumers. Now this age have already not buy the products but to buy. Hong Kong star said what the gift packaging gift box box type. Concrete analysis of concrete things. Hong Kong star, with the example of a lot of customers can be rich in reference to the customer, let customers no worries. Wine is a state-owned enterprises, do you want to be a gift packing box, let Hong Kong stars help to think about how to look good, and then offer the coma knife territory in the design. To install inside when received after products, confirm with the customer put way, is to measure the size. Found that overall compares flat is not suitable for cover with a circumference of the heaven and earth, and no circumference of the high-end. Then made the book type box, customer want to do three boards, this will save a little cost. So done three boards want customers easy to carry, so Hong Kong star two solutions are given. 1, do a handbag, gift box and undertake collocation 2, open the packaging gift box, the board first add the handbag on the rope. Then set of envelope outside, let the envelope corresponding place to open a window, let the handbag line leak. The two are very easy to carry, but the customer requirements in the case of without cost, so the Hong Kong star was adopted new box type innovation will solve customer problem. Happy after customer received the sample order. Gift box, Hong Kong star to solve customer's problems. Want to do packaging contact Hong Kong stars.
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