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What are the style in Europe and the packaging design?

by:Welm     2020-06-18
Packaging plan always give the public the impression, that intuitive realistic needs infinite amplification, its purpose is very strong. ” However, this is in order to protect the product and the implementation of a series of packaging plan, of course, there are better storage product plan. Whatever the case, however, packing plan, it is in order to be able to better sales. Therefore, the final purpose of goods is to be able to sell them. So, of course, commodity packaging should also do something. Let's take a look at some characteristics of the Hong Kong star packaging plan. Characteristics 1, in fact, from the point of the early of some foreign food packaging solutions, performance is very good knife ax chop, fundamentally a message to people is one of the most natural products. He is required by process state of visual convey some necessary ideas, so that he can truly to consumer reports, may be through the description of the process, and often see some big shots in Tacy, they can draw the outline of the title of goods directly. Characteristics, important expression in 2 ways, on the contrary, some traditional packaging civilization at the sea, may have mostly take the flavor of the pipa half hidden, but tapping key, concise directly with those of foreign packaging spirit than the result still is closely related to life style and culture custom. ” This is also the spirit of Hong Kong star packaging plan bolder, and the closing of the Bili is one important reason. However, different products in the packaging plan will be different, its characteristic is shall be carried out according to the product plan. Characteristics of 3, all kinds of packaging plan in the process of growth abroad can be seen as some kind of industrial reaction performance, in people's life and consumption on the method of their plans more intuitive. So in their packaging, there is another possibility is to direct all kinds of goods news to inform double, because of their early industry growth, so clean and packaging has a very comprehensive legal case, they all want to be able to as closely as possible to deal with the packing of all relevant data and clarification. Characteristics of 4, the product packaging color will be compared with courage, the biggest difference between the color with the south Korean style is likely to have very good compared with today's style. We will find that Hong Kong star packing packaging gift box in the process of the entire color, mostly is very beautiful and intense visual shock, although sometimes this beautiful feeling can give a person leave deep impression, but sometimes it may not have a good taste. In the Chinese traditional civilization of packing, we need to do is put the rigidity and the traditional civilization of euphemism. Although Hong Kong star packaging solutions with innovative spirit, but we also unique in their traditional atmosphere, is rigid demand for innovation.
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