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What are the specialty paper in the specialty paper bags custom paper _ made paper bag

by:Welm     2020-06-17
Special paper is a special purpose, the production of small paper. A wide range of specialty paper, is a variety of special purpose as paper or art paper, mainly in order to simplify the noun chaos caused by variety. What are the specialty paper in the specialty paper bags custom paper? Hong Kong star tell you some of the commonly used to do special paper bag. Specialty paper carrier bags - Detail to customize specialty paper carrier bags of specialty paper has the following: carrier bags - paper Black paper carrier bags - paper Pearl paper carrier bags - paper Just the ancient paper carrier bags - paper Grain paper is divided into double pearl and single pearl, pearl paper light TuChao are contained in the specialty paper series super white, rice white, light blue worried series specialty paper contains special paper special paper, specialty paper, khaki, gray, coffee cream specialty paper and so on. The most commonly used to specialty paper is more than these.
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