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What are the production process and packaging printing process

by:Welm     2020-07-02
Packaging printing refers to the decorative pattern, design, or text printed on the package, make the product more attractive or descriptive. Packaging printing and production process is very strict, here to talk about packaging printing and production process. Packaging printing process: a, plate-making, pay attention to beautiful gift packaging gift box, so the color of the plate varied also. In general, a box there are four basic color not only, still have a few kinds of color, such as gold, silver, is the color. Second, in terms of selected paper, general gift wrapping paper adopts double copper and dumb copper paper, weight 128 g, 105 g and 157 g respectively, few weigh more than 200 g gift wrapping paper, because paper is too thick box blister easily, and the outside is very stiff. Pasting is according to the customer need to choose the right pair of grey paper, commonly known as white paper or gray cardboard. Three, gift boxes, only use the printing paper. No printing paper, dyeing can be at most. As gift packaging gift box is a bottle, the printing process is very high, the most taboo is off color, ink and negative plate, affect beautiful. Fourth, the surface treatment, surface treatment, gift wrapping paper usually do common is high gloss, ultra-quiet glue, uv glue, high gloss oil, super mute oil. Five, beer, beer is part of the printing process is more important, to be accurate, must do die cutter, if you don't allow beer, beer deflection, beer for these will affect the subsequent processing. Six, mounts, usually framed print first, then framed beer, only gift box frame first, then framed beer, one is afraid of flower and wrapping paper, 2 it is to pay attention to the whole beautiful gift box, gift box of the frame must be made by hand, to achieve a certain artistic effect. Minmei printing website to provide more advertising prices. Seven, finally, should be played. Don't need to punch to wipe clean, glue on the surface of the test, and then packing shipments.
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