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What are the prerequisite of gift box printing choose?

by:Welm     2020-06-12
What are the prerequisite of gift box printing choose? What are the choice of good gift box printing plant essential condition? Let's detail: first of all to pass hardware manufacturers: 1. Good gift packaging gift box printing should have professional printing equipment, is currently on the market a good brand printing equipment has Heidelberg, Germany, hi-fi, Roland, Japan komori and other import brands; 2. Good gift box after printing to have fully automated process equipment, with the speeding up of the speed of science and technology, also by changing the past manual equipment for fully automatic printing equipment, mainly include automatic gluing machine, automatic hot stamping machine, automatic beer machine, automatic stick box machine, fully automatic assembly line, automation equipment not only save manpower, and improve the production efficiency, also can ensure the quality of the product, so, to have a fully automated process equipment is also necessary for gift packaging gift box printing. Second software, professional research and development staff and technical engineers are essential, now the new rise a position called the grain engineers, dedicated to helping customers optimize the electronic file, gift packaging gift box printing let customers more aesthetically pleasing products, enhance the brand influence
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