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What are the factors influence the color of the notebook effect?

by:Welm     2020-07-20
Notebook printing printing effect determines its huge role. If laptop print effect is not good, it is difficult to make the customer satisfied, and then to rework, rework. The color of the notebook printing effect have? Let's make a brief introduction. Notebook printing effect is divided into seven colors: a, notebook printing the color consistency. Second, the lighting effect. When we look at color in different light conditions, the effect of the notebook is different. The so-called & other; The same color throughout different spectrum &; Refers to the two samples of printing market present notebook in a light color, same in another light of different colors. Third, the influence of the surrounding environment. When we look at notes printing environment will affect the color. That is to say, to transfer or similar with observed sample color can affect people of color perception. Four. Paper subtraction is to point to in white environment mixed yellow, magenta, cyan and black ink color method. In this process of color reproduction, there is a factor to color notebook printing effect have a significant impact. The same color ink for different paper printing effect. Five, the color, each color corresponds to a special ink ( Except yellow, finished products, green and black) 。 It needs on the printing machine by a single printing unit. Can accurately copy the color and the printing is very important for the customer. Six, converts the color of the image from RGB to CMYK, usually adopt GCR and UCR two methods to generate halftone point of black ink. We choose which approach depends on the yellow, use a notebook to print the number of products, green and black ink. Seven, when we had to words to describe color, we often use the fuzzy words, such as & other Plain & throughout; &ldquo仍然; Turbidity & throughout; &ldquo仍然; Too hot & throughout; Or & other Too cold & throughout; 。 These tips are notebook seven kinds of color printing effect. Notebook printing effect is very important. Before printing, to print the notebook at 7 o 'clock to refer to the above, in order to avoid rework, rework, which means it takes time, manpower, cause damage.
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