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What are the core elements of the picture album printing branch?

by:Welm     2020-07-17
Today we talk about the core element of the picture album printing factory outlets, let everybody know more, by mixing CMYK four-color points, you can show the infinite colour. A, Am socket: Am socket is currently the most widely used socket. Second, the dot size: dot size is determined by the network coverage, also called on rate of ink. General with & other; As & throughout; For the unit of measurement, such as the 10% coverage network called & other; Yicheng outlets throughout the &; , covering 20% of the node is called & other; Second city outlets throughout &; 。 In addition, 0% coverage network called & other; Juxian & throughout; , covering 100% of the node is called & other; Field & throughout; 。 Printed in the order of general divided into the Ming tone, harmonic dark three levels. Light network coverage rate of about 10% Coverage rate of about 40% - 30%, central branch 60%, shadow network coverage rate of about 70% 90%. Network and domain are separated. Three, dot shape: print the dot shape is not as you think it is just a circle. Under the condition of ink on the 50% rate, according to the network can be divided into the square, round shape and three kinds of diamond. Grid point coverage rate below 50%, into the board. Its particles are sharp, it has a strong level of performance. Dot when bright color or tenor is independent and only when the dark part of the connection. As a result, the performance level is poorer, four-color printing use less. Diamond point combined with downy and tonal characteristics of square and circular points. It has a natural color transition, suitable for general images and pictures. Four, branch Angle: in the process of plate making, branch Angle choice plays an important role. 45 degrees of network performance is best, stable and not stiff; 15 degrees and 75 degrees Angle stability is poorer, but visual effect is not stiff; 90 - degree Angle is the most stable, but visual effect is too rigid, no beauty. When two or more points nested together, there will be mutual interference. When interference seriously affect the image of the beautiful, can appear commonly known as the & other; Moire throughout the &; 。 In general, when the Angle between the two points difference of 30 and 60 degrees, the overall interference fringes is beautiful; Second, the Angle between the two points difference of 45 degrees; When the Angle between the two points difference to 15 degrees and 75 degrees, interference fringe can damage their beauty. This is pictorial printing factories of Hong Kong star paper share relevant information, if you want to know more, please look at our website
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