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What are the considerations in the picture color printing process?

by:Welm     2020-07-21
What are the problems should be paid attention to in color printing color printing industry and details? For some reason, the colour of picture books printing flower, often affect the printing quality. Only to find out the reason, the cause of the printing ink color pictures of flowering, and solve them, to make the print with the birth of a good. In some cases, the ink in bloom. 1, at the bottom of the plate supported rickety, printing pressure is insufficient. In the letterpress printing ink transfer and tap version of the species has a lot to do. Long-term experience has shown that traditional plywood tap at the back of the printing plate not only has many shortcomings, and easy to spread bad ink, caused by uneven ink typesetting, deficient. This is because the wooden pallet is not strong enough, the possibility of deformation is larger, the printing pressure is not stable, ink layer layout cannot be evenly transferred to the paper. In this case, people often think that the ink is not enough. At the same time, the wooden pallets flatness is relatively poor, cannot satisfy the ink transfer normal layout. If use multilayer plywood as a central axis, the evidence is that on the ground, the influence of the overall layout of the ink layer thickness difference is bigger, often the scene obviously part of the lost of warcraft, and part of the ink layer looks very light, give a person a kind of illusion. Lack of ink. If deinking increase, screen printing ink, soft visual effect will change slightly, but this can lead to products become dirty, also causes problems as well as the overprint. Therefore, it is not desirable. Is the best way to prepare a backup operating technology. Some of the area of the PCB is very large. We should choose some good smoothness and care for the solid metal version, so that we can better prevent ink layout of flooding. 2, printing paper size is not uniform, the production of paper smoothness, and ink. In practice, the paper surface is rough, the greater the ink absorption. Typed in on the rough surface of typesetting printing ink is more likely to be flooded. This is due to some gaps between paper fibers, and the lack of a uniform coating. In the book printing, paper printing, paper printing, office printing area, such as printing, packaging decoration printing, packaging and printing with growth averaging 13 for five years. 2%. In recent five years, annual growth rate of packaging printing industry, to 9. 9%, a maximum of 15. 4%.
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