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What are the common problems of packaging printing?

by:Welm     2020-03-26
Now many companies will be customized packing packaging gift box, into their enterprise information. Custom-made product on demand is relatively high, of course, this also is on the packaging manufacturer of strength test, as a qualified packaging manufacturer, to design, printing, processing and printing details after treatment to reach the designated position. Next we on the common problems and the matters needing attention has carried on the induction summary. Using offset printing paper surface of corrugated color box, at the request of the design is loose, but need to pay attention to the following points. A continuous tone pattern density distribution is uniform, and according to the color don't distinguish between the net point of view, the main body color should be a primary color or three, packaging manufacturers can use the color as far as possible don't multi-color overprint. 2, contains large area field overprint, don't design the same color overprint tiny patterns or text. If need to hot stamping, the design of the stamping on the spot area shoulds not be too big, so as to avoid leakage due to hot stamping pressure false white, hot stamping words also shoulds not be too small, otherwise it will paste, paste version. Need printing gold typically designed to jump a layer of uniform color printing gold again. 3, avoid long field along the direction of printing design, packaging manufacturers in order to avoid the ink roller chain ink under the action of the surrounding the blank part of the affected by the strip edge color. 4, design of packing packaging gift box manufacturer to avoid large area deep dark field, because of the offset printing ink layer thickness can't be as thick as screen printing, if you meet the design of that kind of dark effect may be printed twice, printing and postpress will get in trouble. 5,bar code should not be used when, design of packing packaging gift box factory, lather and puzzle as far as possible when the barcode in the middle of the page, or close to mouth diao, because left, the upper right corner of the sling Angle or wrinkle easily, especially when printing the face paper with larger area, this will make the barcode ghosting, deformation. And the direction of the line of bar code as far as possible the same as the direction of printing, because the printing rubber extrusion deformation mainly occurs in print in the direction. After the last note boxes below the bar code is located on the back of the cartons or side.
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