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What are making packaging production process

by:Welm     2020-07-04
Industry partners know, construction and production of packing boxes is a complex process. Different industry think, if you are required to set up production, today you can get it immediately. In fact, every profession has its own business processes. A qualified package is made up of many working procedure. Today, we will provide you the detail packaging production process. It can be divided into the following steps. 1, plate-making process and the key is very nervous. Because the process directly affects the integrity of the products, so today's skills improved a lot. Most manufacturers use digital mechanical process. In general, printing, the development, repair and present unique and obscure box surface is necessary. Therefore, the layout of the color packaging gift box is also eight streaky. All the same design gift box not only there are four basic color. There are some color, such as gold and silver. 2, choose paper in general, packaging gift packaging gift box is made of paper or specialty paper decoration on the surface of gray paper paper. Paper is made of double copper paper and dummy copper paper. Some 80 g, 105 g, 128 g, 157 g, these grams of paper used. In a gift box outside the paper seldom used in more than 200 grams, because paper is too thick, is not suitable for the on the gift box, blister easily, the surface looks very hard. What is, of course, also want to see the product and planning according to the product packaging, and then choose paper and craft. 3, printing process most gift box is made of paper. Gift is a bottle. It emphasizes that the printing process. The concealment of off color, ink spots, rotten boards influence aesthetic judgment. 4 of the general processing packaging paper gift boxes, paper in general, general processing should be done. Common had bright glue, too dumb, too uv oil, light oil, too dumb, hot stamping, etc. 5, bei bei is the key to the printing process. Beer must be very accurate, will not affect the follow-up work. Is the key to the structure of the die cutter. The key to the cutting die is also very tight. If you are not allowed to die cutter program files, can cause great influence to the product. Therefore, to make cutting die, it is best with printed products to established for cutting die disciple. 6, pasting process all printed materials are installed first, then loaded on beer shape, only beer in a paper, Glossy paper) After made on gift box: 1) Afraid to do coloured paper. 2) Emphasize group of elegant gift box, on the surface of the base paper can make it look fine by hand. 7, the last procedure, such as punching, shall be carried out during disassembly, such as do not rule out the packing process. The final profile cleaning ( Use waste water to wipe profile glue) 。 Then we can package delivery. This is gift boxes production process.
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