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What about the picture album printing content is need to be aware of?

by:Welm     2020-07-13
Pictorial printing is the representative of the brand image promotion and enterprise brand image display and strength to introduce good carrier. Companies want to make enterprise album design, what is the need to pay attention to the book printing? Enterprise pictorial design to maintain brand unified visual image; If the enterprise has a complete VI system, so in the enterprise pictorial design, must be in accordance with the overall design of the original style of the VI system, to ensure the unity of the enterprise brand vision image. According to the sample brochures audience the content planning and positioning of printing. Every company album has corresponding audience. Now is the age of a fine, the pursuit of the target audience more accurately. Before the design, please check and know your customer audience, and planning content and design from the Angle of audience positioning. For a good sample set, cover must have the characteristics of sample set to print. From on the cover of the sample, to highlight their products or business scope, directly reflect the brand image and the sample of printing. Now that is the enterprise pictorial design, brand publicity should be in place. In the process of design, sample album can be printed at the top or bottom of the page, so that customers can see the logo of our company at any time, deepen their impression of sample picture book printing. Pictorial printing must be good at using the auxiliary graph, enrich the content of the sample printing, enhance the visual image of brand, the interest of the audience. Don't underestimate the sample brochures printing. Sample brochures printing should combine images and text. Pictorial printing layout always appear too drab, by binding energy effectively improve reading interest. Pictorial printing can also increase trust by real scene or product pictures. Pictorial printing often need a lot of information to learn, ability in this industry has a small breakthrough, so if we can pass these excellent VI design to develop more VI designer is a very good deal. After all, the social people rarely. An excellent enterprise VI design manual, if it makes the society as a whole and the industry has more talent, more cost-effective. And social development in the future, these people can use their professional knowledge, better picture book printing.
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