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Watch gift box manufacturers, that is how to cooperate with customers

by:Welm     2020-06-21
Gifts can be a variety of, like a watch. Hong Kong star watch gift box manufacturers, has done a lot of watch packaging gift box, said today is how to cooperate with customers, become customers for a long time cooperation watch gift box manufacturers. Ollie ni company, is one of the best do couples watch manufacturers, began to make Hong Kong star of two watches are two routes, one is lightsome style is a kind of business style. Business style box is the same, but the supporting points, two is a kind of mesh belt is a belt. Within 1: mesh belt is simple, direct is straight down, proofing time once in place. 2: because of belt to come is strap is to separate the dial, began to pull that one does not accord with the requirement of the customer, so let the customer to send big goods watch for secondary proofing. This is the belt position metal hoop and open hole, will watch firmly in place. Watch box proofing is also looking for a lot of a lot of kinds of specialty paper, when a client company for confirmation. When is the boss and the designer confirmed with Hong Kong star of the personnel of the service. The material is confirmed to start box proofing. The two kind of permanent stamping is gold is a kind of laser gold. After customers see a contrast, feel better laser gold, just choose the laser to do big goods. Ollie ni company currently has been cooperation with Hong Kong star, like a watch in cooperation of gift box manufacturers, service in place of the manufacturer. Want to cooperate with watch gift packaging gift box manufacturers, please contact Hong Kong stars.
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