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Watch gift box manufacturers, is how to provide clients with high quality packaging

by:Welm     2020-06-21
Many clients will feel very high-end watch packaging gift box, yes, if you don't deserve watch box not high-end products, to the product price. Watch gift box manufacturers Hong Kong star, say, how to provide clients with high quality packaging. Ollie ni is a couple table company, watch their cooperation of gift packaging gift box factory is a Hong Kong star. Then one time want to have breakthrough on the box, then find an advertising company for design packaging. And then to Hong Kong star proofing. Have to say that advertising companies have to design is very beautiful, but are still not so understand about the printing and packaging. Then watch gift box manufacturers to find many suitable pattern for the client, to give customers confirmation, after confirmation to proofing, although later confirmed the paper, but the gold color is not confirmed, and the Hong Kong star is hot on a variety of gold paper. After the confirmation, the customer to send the watch needs to be done, within these is simple, a box to put two watches, a large and a small. Do the EVA in the card tight. Beside then customer want to do the belt, but need to add chain mesh belt, this is some kind of kung fu, because the customer unceasingly to change idea, finally is the customer confirmed that tied with the 4 mm wide elastic solution. Then start placing continuous production. Watch gift packaging gift box manufacturers, high quality packaging come from? Step by step, from Hong Kong star good service to our clients to meet customer requirements. Do you want to be packing please contact Hong Kong stars.
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