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Use color printing gift box, to guide consumers to buy

by:Welm     2020-06-29
Printing gift box, will be on in a file to make a lot of color, color to want to guide consumers to buy. After the study, the scientists found that the reaction of color than shape faster. But with a good color, otherwise you will make packing looks awkward. The color is not exist in isolation. Each other, and there is a tension between printing gift box when files will be reflected in the mutual set off, mutual contrast color correct emotion. Contrast between the color effect, can express different feelings. Flexible and reasonable use of color contrast can stimulate people's eyes, give a person with beautiful enjoyment. The level of the color and spatial relationships mainly embodied by brightness contrast. Lightness contrast refers to the contrast color sensitivity. The use of brightness contrast, is decided to color clarity, downy and psychological effect of the key. Tall lightness color makes people feel bright, light, low lightness color, make the person feel because, heavy. So printing gift packaging gift box, must according to their own product features to analyze customer psychology. To the product sales good.
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