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Upscale high-end gift box custom price, the influence factors of production price

by:Welm     2020-05-21
Customers for high-end high-end gift box custom price, the problem must have been quite a headache, because each order has different price, actually in Hong Kong star here, it seems, or technology, or material or number and size of the different, will have impact on prices. Actually for the price influence factors is greater number. 1, upscale high-end gift box custom price is related to the printing color, ordinary after four color, if you also need to print the color, will need to accept the color and printing. There are, of course, and printing format, to boot and printing will be higher than four open presses have to charge. And printing is also divided into normal and reverse the UV printing ( Effect of the texture is different) That charge is not the same. 2, upscale high-end gift packaging gift box custom price, say that finish machining after printing is about price. Say first hot stamping, bronzing bronzing version costs and charge for a hot stamping production costs together, if hot stamping area is large, whether it's version of the fee or production costs will be higher. Hit convex, too, if you want to do more stereo feeling hit convex, then the version of the price is more than ten times the price of the letterpress. But Hong Kong star thinks, although the price is high, but the increase of the value is very cost-effective. 3, say the upscale high-end gift packaging gift box custom price what other influencing factors, Hong Kong star believes that is the delivery address is far, the goods time very driven, and so on. Upscale high-end gift box custom price, choose Hong Kong stars.
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