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unit dose and blister packaging -

by:Welm     2020-04-20
My son told me when he got home that he was going to the unit dose packaging and blister packaging factory in town for a field trip.I was so excited that I signed up to be a parent volunteer.I am very curious about how they put these packages together with the machine system and I would like to have a look in person.As I waited for the day of the field trip, I looked into the unit dose packaging machine we were going to show on the tour.They are fascinating to me and I will soon be able to see how the whole system works.These machines pack allergic drugs into a small unit without manpower.I was excited when I thought we would see a plain piece of plastic and a piece of foil wrapped in a blister by a big machine.The children and I were very excited when we finally arrived at the factory.First of all, some medical professionals teach us allergic drugs that will enter the unit dose packaging system.In the factory, they are doing spot blister packaging, which is a pile of packaging and can be shipped in large quantities at one time.This makes it easier to transport and buy blister packs.This particular allergic drug will be delivered to pharmacies and grocery stores so that consumers can purchase it through the counter.The unit dose packaging machine will also make small samples.When medical professionals finished their short talk about allergic drugs, they distributed empty unit dose packs to the children.This allows them to see and feel what the blister package looks like and have something to take home with them.All the children wore foil to see where the pills in the unit dose packaging container were.The kids were able to see how important unit dose packaging and blister packaging are to the pharmacy and how much we use this package.We then moved to another room where there was a unit dose package and blister packaging machine which was the favorite part of the kids.It\'s so interesting to watch plastic sheets enter the machine.Then we watched the long foil go into the machine.Foil is the backing and label of the drug.We watched the allergy-resistant drug be thrown into a plastic packaging gift box in their den.The finished blister package then slides out from the other side of the machine and is all done.The packages are then placed in a box, shipped to its proper destination and sold to the consumer.It\'s really cool to watch the process with the kids.Looking at the unit dose packaging and blister packaging machine sucking into the plastic, it is fascinating to spit out the finished blister packaging.The machine is very fast and efficient and does not require any work from anyone.Children like to move all the parts and think the machine system looks like a robot.They also think that the machine works very cool on its own, and no one else does anything but turn on the machine.When medical professionals finished their short talk about allergic drugs, they distributed empty unit dose packs to the children.What blisters do they see and feel....
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