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today\'s letters: on plastics, the lrt, the tornadoes

by:Welm     2020-04-29
As discussion about banning plastics heats up, a reader has come up with solutions based on how people used to shop.
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There are other options besides plastic bags: Trudeau announced plans to ban singles
Plastic was used back in June 9, 2021.
When I grew up, my parents went shopping at the grocery store with cotton bags and hands.
Cotton bag is easy to clean, so clean again
Use it next time you shop.
We also use paper bags that are easy to recycle to shop and carry dry food that can be stored in glass bottles with tight air for future useproof covers.
Given the continued use of plastic and its negative effects, it\'s time to start shopping with paper bags and cotton bags
Goodbye plastic bags and plastic containers.
Our choices can help improve the environment and create jobs. How?
Well, people make all kinds of cotton bags and paper bags for shopping!
Ratna Ray OttawaD-
Location: great acts of kindness presented by Ottawa D-Day vet
Day veteran, 100, witnessed history on June 6.
Last week, you had an article about Ken Micklethwaite in D-Day.
He also did some amazing things in Ottawa.
In 1969, a retired nurse realized that the disabled often stayed at home and could not go anywhere, and time was tight.
She gathered a professional therapist, a person who had been trained in chair practice, a painting instructor and a choir director, and Ken meekret offered to use the McKay United Church Hall (
Where is he the minister)
Meetings are held once a week.
The high horizon was born.
The church was also recruited to serve a group lunch.
Six at first.
The week pilot project just celebrated its 50 th anniversary on May 7, with 16 churches continuing to offer lunch.
Ken shows that a small act of kindness can have amazing results!
Unfortunately, High Horizons now have to stop the meeting due to lack of volunteers, but we hope we can continue to meet for lunch somewhere and continue the friendship that has been established.
We all signed a 100-year-old birthday card and sent it to Ken miklesvit to show that he was not forgotten.
President Yvonne cadiea, why do we prepare guinea pigs for these light rail trains?
Reply: letter, Watson\'s \"fed up \"?
So did I, June 7.
I mean the letter about the closure.
The door meeting of the mayor and the city councillor to discuss oh-so-
The tragic state of the \"proposal\" light rail.
I said \"proposal\" because, at that rate, I wonder if I can live to see a train crossing Ottawa.
I humbly believe that citizens of Ottawa may have reached an agreement to become Alstom\'s experimental product in the development of these railcars.
There are light rail systems in major cities around the world.
As taxpayers, we can save a lot of time and money by building train models.
If the LRT project meeting is open to the public, the bright lights attending the meeting may provide valuable information on the subject.
After all, Ottawa has some very sharp minds in many disciplines (letter-
Including writer Barry weilar).
Is Cumberland Bourke satisfied with their insurance company?
September tornado victims are still waiting to be rebuilt, June 10.
I read your two articles with great interest about the difficulties the homeowner has had with two insurance companies, Aviva and Desjardins.
Is there a story about the owner who was satisfied with the insurance company after the tornado attack not interested?
As a customer of Desjardins, I would love to know this information.
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