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today\'s letters: on ottawa\'s swans, and canada\'s plastics problem

by:Welm     2020-03-15
Re: Thanks to Kelly Egan for a pleasant article on a serious issue.
Your line \"who received the gift from the Queen\" gave me a \"haha\" moment.
Now is the serious side.
Whether or not the City Council thinks it is not important to protect Ottawa\'s heritage is not worth spending money. The swan is now part of our heritage.
Given their contribution to the city\'s character, the cost seems insignificant.
As for Laurel Castle, if we want to preserve the features of this historic building, any additions should conform to the existing facade.
Otherwise, the original building of the building is simply ignored.
The castle is a beautiful building.
There are many modern design hotels in Ottawa but there is only one castle.
Let\'s protect it.
The importance of protecting our heritage is difficult to quantify, but in these cases costs seem insignificant compared to benefits.
Lorne Hess of otawai, without plastic, lived half of my life and never missed it: reusable use of milk in glass bottles;
Meat and cheese wrapped in brown paper, tied with cotton thread;
Bread wrapped in waxed paper is recycled at home and has many uses;
Vegetables and fruits
Select in a separate bin in the store;
All kinds of delicious biscuits sold by pound; condiments (
Kimchi, tomato sauce, etc. )in glass jars;
Groceries carried in cotton or paper bags;
Heavy goods carried in strong paper shopping bags with handles, used over and over again;
A manufacturing container made of paper, cardboard, glass or metal, usually recycled at home as a shelf container;
There is absolutely no paper straw or food wrapping paper in the restaurant;
Hot Box, small glass container, waxing paper and paper bag for school/office lunch;
Dry nails neatly stored in sealed glass cans/containers;
Store leftovers in a glass tray or container in the refrigerator.
Most importantly, the children returned empty bottles in the shop around the corner and got candy worth two cents (
Six to eight)
In return for a small paper bag.
Simple, no waste, and most importantly, there is no danger of absorbing plastic particles in drinks or food.
Despite the Prime Minister\'s motivation, Nicole Molin
(Next federal election)
Canadians should welcome a federal ban on singles. use plastics.
It is time, because some Canadian municipalities are far ahead in solving this problem, and more than 30 countries around the world have taken extensive actions.
Eliminate Single Scope and specific stepsuse plastics.
The \"disposable\" plastic of Dono Bandoro, Ottawa is treated as a bag of straw, tomato sauce or mustard or a pod of coffee.
These are very small.
I just bought a Gillette Mach3.
Plastic cover, 10 cm by 2.
5 cm, container of four blades.
Buyers pay for these.
Each one is used at one time.
I also opened the larger \"disposable\" plastic box.
Then is the widely used plastic wrap, which is distributed on large boxes that are far away from transportation.
This plastic is also \"used at once \".
\"We always thought that plastic would break down quickly in the dump.
How shocking it is to discover that most of it may last for a century.
Yes, we must stop its creation and use immediately. Dr. L.
Edward Montbriand, Minister ottawongme Justin Trow, said the ban on orders
The use of plastic will create jobs.
He is silent about where, what type and how many types.
Does the Trudeau government know how many industries in Canada produce or use recycled plastics, and by banning a single
How many Canadians will lose their jobs using products? Is there a plan by the government to retrain or compensate these employees for their unemployment? How many terms will the Canadian government pay to US and Mexican companies North American Free Trade Agreement/USMCA lose the market due to the arbitrary decision of the government, which is more profitable for Canada in the long run, establish and fund a research and development project to reuse all types of plastics.
Just banning the use of plastic at one time does not solve the current problem.
Trudeau should set up a plastic cleaning team.
This team will be responsible for cleaning up our shores, oceans, lakes, rivers and our current plastic loads and keeping them free in the future.
Maurice o\'shoenessy of Maurice priorre: June 11.
Thank you for this article on some of the items that will be affected by the ban.
This action needs to be taken at the federal level because it is too fragmented to let retailers do so voluntarily.
People don\'t like change, especially if it\'s causing some inconvenience, but it\'s easier to do it when you don\'t have a choice.
Moving forward in a world without these conveniences requires the creative thinking of entrepreneurs and new habits of consumers.
My hope is that in addition to not throwing away the plastic anymore, we will shift the focus from recycling to reuse.
Not only does recycling plastic not work, but the idea encourages more and more consumption.
I would like to see glass bottles or plastic that can be disinfected at least reused so that items can be reused and not thrown into the recycling bin or worse, in a container bound for Malaysia.
A world with less plastic is an opportunity for new businesses and ideas.
Cathy Harry of Otava went to work in Ireland in 2002.
When we first went to the supermarket, we were surprised to find that we couldn\'t buy a disposable shopping bag.
Not only are they not free, but we can\'t buy them.
We bought some cheap cloth bags and are still using them today.
Since then, there are four prime ministers in Canada,
Only the fourth place, at the end of his term, announced his intention to do such a simple thing.
He allowed two years to make this simple change.
What are we waiting? I can look back.
In my 1970 s, I worked in a country selling bottled water in a standard, reusable container.
There are many brands of water in this country, but the paper label of the bottle is different.
There is a small deposit.
Since the bottle is standardized, any bottle can be returned to any store;
They are centrally cleaned and re-distributed to the bottling plant with a very efficient system.
My point is that other countries have been doing it without some sort of single --
Plastic products have been used for many years.
Why do we have to wait until 2021 to do something that has proven to be viable? We can do a lot of things a long time ago, a lot of things can be done quickly.
David Lorge Parnas of OttawaI individuals can live without plastic straws and plastic tableware;
Not that much, but Ziploc packs and bottled water.
As for the foam plastic food container I hate too, however, how to take your dog bag home if one can\'t use plastic as a replacement. What I found in my discussion is missing is how to get rid of the plastic packaging that is available to almost everything these days.
For example, the replacement toothbrush head of the electric toothbrush is more plastic than the toothbrush, and so are many other items.
Why not pursue the manufacturer to stop using plastic packaging for almost everything, when people buy any electronic equipment, it is also packed in plastic, packed in foam plastic particles, then surrounded by foam plastic blocks that no one can get rid of, let alone reuse.
I would like to see the government put pressure on manufacturers of many of the goods we buy that have a large number of single itemsuse material.
This will save more environment than a few of my Ziploc packages.
Pat Tenney, Cardinal, we keep hearing about the ocean, the park, the playground, etc. are garbage-
It is especially dangerous to marine life and annoying to everyone.
The problem is that those who voluntarily pollute lack social integrity.
If plastic disappears overnight, all of this
The above areas will still be contaminated-paper bags, cotton bags, glass or aluminum containers, and any other place that has been replaced.
Plastic takes time to break down, which can be a good thing if removed and recycled or properly processed.
The paper breaks down quickly, which means it will pollute the water level with chemicals, pigments, inks, etc.
Also very quickly, sometimes before any attempt to dispose of it properly.
There is no reason why our ocean, school grounds, playgrounds, parks and streets are full of garbage.
We should consider heavy penalties for these polluters.
Have seen people discard cigarette butts, empty bags or fast food
Food packaging on streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and oceans, rivers and streams is clearly the problem.
Marc lechseur, oranswe saw ads everywhere asking us to support the TMX pipeline.
Why would a responsible citizen do so? Climate change is happening right before our eyes.
The future of our planet and our children is very dangerous.
The UN climate report tells us that we have only 12 years to control climate change.
Employment and the economy are also important, but we should not fall into the old trap of thinking that environmental responsibility and our economic growth are priorities of mutual exclusion.
It takes courage and leadership, but if we make it a priority, all parts of Alberta and Canada can be leaders in the green sector --
If we embrace real science
We can\'t do further damage and make progress while we have a real climate plan.
Cheaper fossil fuels are not part of a real climate plan!
Jennifer wato Jennifer Douek, an unnamed man on a bicycle, found my wallet on a bench at the Parkdale market on June 7 and handed it to the Rosemont Library anonymously:
Your kindness and honesty help us to trust our community.
We should acknowledge our good deeds and remind all of us that we live in a loving community.
I make a donation to the Ottawa education network to express my gratitude.
The network is committed to addressing key issues for children and youth in learning.
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