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today in the press

by:Welm     2020-03-13
Nearly 3,000 Irish became millionaires last year.
A billionaire.
Behind the rise in asset and property values.
According to The Wealth Report of real estate agent Laifang 2019, the rich will continue to become richer, and 17,000 Irish will become millionaires by 2023.
Ireland currently has 77,984 million billionaires, according to the report.
However, the Irish Times said that as the economy began to recover by about 2013, the growth rate of wealth production appeared to have slowed and risen sharply.
According to the survey, the number of people joining the millionaire gang increased by 32% between 2013 and 2018, but it is expected to increase by only 23% between 2018 and 2023.
According to the report, the \"super\" of Ireland has also jumped
Last year, high net worth individuals \", UHNWIs, had about 1,029 people in this super rich group, with assets of about $30 million or more.
This is in line with global trends, which grew by 4% in 2017 and is expected to grow by 25% further between now and 2023.
Dublin is home to about 43% or about 444 of these UHNWIs. *** -
Financial markets underestimated the risk and potential impact of Brexit, even if it was only 15 days away, the deputy governor of the Central Bank of Ireland warned.
Ed Sibley, deputy governor of the central bank in charge of prudent supervision, said: \"For the time being, I don\'t think the hard Brexit is fully priced, so if we have this situation in a short period of time, inevitably there will be some market confusion, or if there is a short delay.
\"But he said Irish banks, who have experienced the financial crisis, are now strong enough to withstand major shocks that could occur,\" the independent of Ireland wrote.
\"This is not to say that the recession in Britain and Ireland will not be painful and difficult, but it does not, in my opinion, mean that it will lead us --
The whole system-
He said: \"The issue of financial stability.
As expected, when Professor Lane went to the European Central Bank in May, he had ruled out competition to replace Philip Lane as central bank governor. The England-
The regulator, who watched Britain exit the EU from Dublin, said his personal reaction was grief.
\"Personally, I am deeply saddened by this.
I think it\'s completely regrettable.
Although it is understandable in some ways.
This is not good for the UK, it is bad for the EU, so Ireland will suffer collateral damage, which is very unfortunate.
\"It is vital, however, that he believes that the impact of Brexit will not get worse because of the spread of the banking system. *** -
So far the country has paid seven euros. 1m -including VAT -
Lawyers and experts charged the European Commission\'s 13 billion euro ruling on national aid technology giant Apple.
According to the latest data provided by the Ministry of Finance, Legal company William Fry received 3 euros.
For the past five years, the cost of the work in its case has been £ 1 m.
In addition, 2 euros were paid to external lawyers.
Irish examiners say they need 56 metres of work.
\"These figures include costs related to the Commission\'s investigation, as well as appeals ultimately decided by the Commission, costs related to the state\'s legal obligations to recover the aid,\" a Treasury spokesman said.
They say 3 euros. 7m of the €7.
1 m involves the recovery process of the money.
The department said the fees were \"already paid by the Ministry of Finance, the revenue commissioner, NTMA, the central bank, the attorney general\'s office and the attorney general\'s office of the chief State \".
McCann Fitzgerald was paid 528,470 euros and paid 595,400 euros to PwC. *** -Coca-
For the first time, Coca-Cola announced that it produces 3 million tons of plastic packaging every year.
Equivalent to 200,000 bottles per minute
A report calls on other global companies to end the secrecy of their plastic footprint.
Data from soft drink manufacturers are available to activist Alan MacArthur, who is pushing big companies and the government to take more steps to address plastic pollution. The figures -
The company has refused to disclose in the past-
Reveal the quantity of plastic packaging Coca
The Guardian today said the cola produced in 2017.
The company did not disclose the scale of its bottle production, but when its packaging footprint was converted into 500 ml PET plastic bottles, there were about 108 billion bottles per year. More than the world\'s fifth annual production of about 500 billion bottles of PET bottles. Coca-
Coca-Cola is one of 31 companies.
Including Mars, Nestle and Danone
This reveals how much plastic packaging they have created as part of the Alan MacArthur Foundation transparency movement.
They produce a total of 8 million tons of plastic packaging each year.
But most of the 150 companies that have signed MacArthur\'s global commitment to reduce plastic pollution still refuse to publicly disclose data on their own plastic packaging production.
Including Pepsi, H & M, L\'Oreal, Walmart, Martha\'s and Burberry-
Last year, the company was revealed to have burned £ 28 in a year to prevent counterfeiting.
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