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To prepare the work ahead of time what album printing?

by:Welm     2020-07-12
Many exhibition organizers have some brochures to better promote their products or enterprise, can convey the enterprise culture and the connotation of the most direct killer is beautifully printed text and attractive images. As a result, many people will prepare many fine brochures in the exhibition. Let people to enjoy. Before printing album, must do some preparation work in advance, so as to greatly improve the efficiency, at the same time make the album more accord with our purpose and intention. The first thing we need to prepare is the text and images. In general, some manufacturers will have some people responsible for editing proofreading, can also puts forward some Suggestions for solution. But they must be more appropriate, so it's best to the fixed directly to the version of the text and photo albums submitted to responsible for printing. Brush manufacturers use it better than submit general information. In addition to the words and pictures, we also need to have a basic concept layout these things. Although experienced printers, we need to have an indication of the perfect effect, this album to render. For example, we know that important content should be placed where, where is the picture should be the most popular. Eyes, this album is directly related to printing, so it is important to note. We need to design some of the details, such as choosing what color of the font, font, just how much they need to be specific, because it will affect the thickness of the length of the articles and photo album. We also need to printed album is tonal have a basic concept, what is the theme of the album, for example, should choose the appropriate warm or cool color style. Before printing process of photo albums: 1, the conception, design, scheduling, planning and prepare materials. 2, use photoshop to edit pictures, including modification, color correction, stitching, etc. After treatment, must be converted to cmyk 300 dpi tif or eps file. 3, using vector software to make graphics and stored as cmyk eps file. 4, use plain text compiler text files. 5, when all the materials are ready, put them together in typesetting software. 6, to solve the problem in printing overprint. 7, proofread, proofread, error correction. 8, use the posts - Script printer output output usability testing. 9, prepare the output file, including the platform, software, documents, font, font list and location, output requirements, etc. 10, will all the documents ( Including the use of font) Copying to MO or CDR, and put them together with the output document to the output.
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