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The upscale gift box is often used in supporting all have?

by:Welm     2020-03-17
We take a look at whether a gift box of high-grade the first is to see its appearance, the overall appearance of the printing process and the box is in place, the processing of detail, however, consumers pay more attention to actually is a gift, that is, gift box, inside of a gift is high-grade, often can be from inside of design can reflect directly, although some manufacturer for processing box looks very good, but the lack of simple, so seem to fit the appearance is a little bit. Hong Kong star today tell everybody about high-end gift box is often used in what are.  The characteristics of an lining, sponge sponge lining is soft, compression resistance, resilience, and lower the cost of sponge, and processing rise very simple, just die cutter cutting is good, the product of the joint degree is also very good.  2, EVA foam lined with EVA foam is a very common plastic lining in application, has the good elasticity, flexibility, stamping resistance and gloss. Many gift packaging gift box with EVA foam. EVA foam pad can design an item in the shape of a groove, the foam can cover all of my items, form an ideal security environment, EVA foam surface can also be flocking, flocking EVA foam lining surface more smooth, luster, can be used to package many valuable and fragile items.  3, corrugated paper lined with corrugated paper although appearance looks rough, not better, but because of the corrugated paper folding structure, in the course of carriage, corrugated paper will produce extra gas to reduce friction, increase the buffer force, protect the support for the whole article. The corrugated paper as a new environmental protection lining, at present is common in the wine packaging applications.  4, plastic lined with plastic lining is not soft, but good stability, resistance to squeeze, not easy to deformation, plastic lining is often used in food packaging, such as moon cake gift box packaging, etc. Plastic lining when use, often with silk collocation, silk, high gloss, in order to increase the simple sense of product packaging. After seeing within the above knowledge, and then choose the time will be more accurate, we in the production of gift boxes, especially when the packaging gift box of high-grade within is absolutely cannot ignore, will be more attention. 
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