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The regular size and technology of gift bag

by:Welm     2020-07-18
The regular size and technology of gift bag Paper bag material: white cardboard, coated paper, Manila board, white board paper, yellow kraft paper, white kraft paper, black paper, specialty paper paper thickness: 128 g - 157 g - 190 g - 210 g - 230 g - 250 g - 300 g - 350 g LOGO process: according to the general customer need color printing, three-dimensional printing, hot stamping, laser, convex, concave and convex, UV and other handbag size: the standard size of general points are degrees and three open generosity, four open or off three. Printing forms: four color printing, color printing, four-color + color printing bag rope: low stretch yarn, cotton rope, nylon rope, three strands of rope, cotton ShaSheng, ribbon, lace, and kraft paper, special paper twine.
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