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The quality of the production of gift box, hair level detail control

by:Welm     2020-06-16
Packing according to the contents can be divided into a lot of kinds, because the product is not the same, the consumer is not the same, use different, lead to the quality of the product packaging requirements and the control also to have certain differences. The production of gift packaging gift box packaging quality requirements will be better than others. Because the quality is bad, no matter how beautiful exquisite design brings with it a cheap feeling. Hong Kong star has a professional one full set of equipment, and for many years experienced staff, in conjunction with cohesion is very fluent, and very strict with quality. To detail level hair too much, hit convex, bronzing and other deviation less than 0. 3 mm, and according to understand other manufacturers is 0. About 5 mm. Sometimes, the quality of the production of gift box appears ghosting, really is only 0. 2 mm difference. Hong Kong star production of gift box can give to customer a comfortable and satisfied with the quality of the speed. After all, the quality and speed are will affect the customer. Green trade in Hong Kong star production of gift box. For clients quality are very satisfied, if you want to do gift packaging, Hong Kong star also can give a lot of actual samples, to the customer for reference. Raw product packaging is good, the hair can decide the details of the quality level. What do you want to be good quality packaging, please contact Hong Kong stars.
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