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The more a carrier bags now use the rope - - - - - - - - - - - - - Flat paper twine

by:Welm     2020-06-14
Now many need paper bags custom manufacturer, custom made paper bags or handbags are an important part of the inevitable is the bag rope, the portable rope is a bridge connected consumers and paper bags, usually consumers in hands holding bags carry rope can feel the hand holding bag is comfortable, and whether comfortable directly affects the consumer to the merchant's consumer experience, experience is bad will let the consumers no longer look back, the loss is more than just a customer, but an enterprise quality reputation, Hong Kong star packaging today is to introduce the following hand holding bag rope, they are not like iron core spinning rare but give a person a kind of both familiar and unfamiliar feeling. This is a flat line, his name is flat twisting its principle is simple, can be hand in material of the rope bag because it itself is the comparison of the use of high quality kraft paper folding paper twine, the benefits of kraft paper, need not I say more, in addition to some apparent defects on the surface actually use performance is excellent, and the arm in arm bag rope into a flat, folded width to raise hand holding bag rope control between 1 to 2 cm, not too big nor small, to compensate for their own appearance defects, kraft paper, it can be decorated as stripe shape can greatly improve the whole arm in arm bag beautiful sex, change his unique natural color yellow can make the whole mobile rope bag more perfect collocation.
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