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The method of making paper bags _ paper bag making paper bags

by:Welm     2020-05-24
Paper bag it environmental protection low carbon, easy to carry, simple. Hong Kong star packaging will teach you the method of making paper bag one: prepare the material: 1. Paper bags require paper rectangle, the bigger the better, the thicker the better 2. Glue or double-sided adhesive 3. 2: laptop bag paper rope method and the step 1. Draw the quartiles of a straight line on the paper, fold the stain, so the late adhesive 2. Have to leave a sticky mouth position, be in commonly 2 centimeters, if the bags are small, usually 3 to 1 cm. In the middle of the line as a benchmark, quartiles. The paper can be folded in half and from left to right, from right to left. On both sides of peer into the middle fold 4. Excess of 1 cm or 2 cm mouth bonding. 5. Will the glue, paper five slices fold one side, the folded part as the bottom of paper bag 6. Will be long on both sides folded respectively, as the sides of the paper, note that the folded paper bag for want of half side wide, don't be too narrow, so as not to affect the back of the production of 7. To fold, fold the two per side, again, the starting point and a 45 degree Angle 8. Will be folded trapezoidal fold along the long side crease extension and 9. The corner of the jackknife, adhesive 10. To make the handle hole, into 2 - in the opening 4 cm, and then play on the hole, can install rope it is because we often such operation, so the formula is very simple.
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