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The garment bag is coated? Would rather not coated?

by:Welm     2020-06-19
Many enterprises who need paper bag, there is always such a tangle of clothing bags, why don't some coated some coated, exactly the kind of paper bag is better? Hong Kong star paper from the perspective of professional analysis the advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of paper bags for you, as you want to give you the paper bag coated products, the key also depends on your requirements; A: coated paper bag is in the paper can processing raw materials paper add a layer of membrane, can be bright, also can be frosted. Now appeared some color and pattern of the film, paper bags with or very tall, and coated paper bag, can better waterproof, moistureproof, just some more expensive than. 2: non coated paper bag, can say is that the paper bag need not coated, as long as it is with some necessary printing, can be directly into a paper bag production, save cost, save trouble, there is one of the biggest advantage is environmental protection, can automatically weathering, but also has faults, waterproof moisture-proof function they have sent a lot better.
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