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The effect of high-end gift box, how to do

by:Welm     2020-07-03
'This year the holidays don't accept a gift, gift also accept brain platinum' familiar slogan, also is the representative of contemporary gifts. In the nowadays advertising are not necessarily successful market and production of gift packaging gift box is helpful. Why do you say so? Need to have a look at the consumer's psychology, in the past, may be just is a gift. But gifts is no longer a gift but now face, especially in today's economic conditions continue to improve, the only gift is dominated by face, contents for a kind of auxiliary products. Then make gift packing box, do high-end effect that will be from the value of the product, to improve product sales. Today we say how to do the high-end effect: 1, with colour, make good gift box color use, material and process, there is no less important. Unique colour collocation let packaging not only looks high end, but also can let the consumer have an understanding to the product itself, also can let customers for products and brands to create a memory. 2, use material, this material actually refers to the inside, EVA within two kinds, one kind is with flavor is a light smell. This is actually need to use good, open no flavor is indeed better than they have taste. Production of gift packaging gift box is looking for a Hong Kong star, not only understand packaging are more understand the market.
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