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The development of high-grade gift box after to what kind of?

by:Welm     2020-03-18
Before we gift for packaging with simple, could be a protection, other nothing exquisite. But now in the present age is different, the gift box is not just only a protective role, especially some high-grade gift boxes, what you think of high-end gift packaging gift box should be like? Some would say expensive, luxury, very beautiful, high-end gift box is being labeled as such. But in this day in 2020, this packing is what we are after, especially now that the packaging is green environmental protection, we become more and more like the packing of the contracted wind, more want to, is the practicality of the box, not seen is not used in the packaging, high-end gift box below Hong Kong star with you talk about what is the development trend of later. A gift boxes production material in the production of high-grade gift boxes, coated paper, art paper used to be the first thing we consider object. But in the pursuit of sustainable development of green today, many began to adopt environmental protection high white kraft paper box, some manufacturer chooses import the ultra white kraft paper, even the white leather has a special texture, can be recycled and protect the environment at the same time. 2, gift packaging gift box type due to the folding carton design is novel, convenient, suitable for all kinds of printing mode combination, at the same time facilitate storage transportation, the folding carton is very famous in foreign countries, this trend has been gradually developing to China, believe that before long, folded packaging carton packaging world at home will also be popular. three mentioned, gift boxes, printing process printing process, we think the first time the process is often coated, coated craft simple, the price is cheap, and is conducive to protect the product surface color, toughness and resistance to break to the paper. But you probably don't know, after the coated paper recycling, non-biodegradable, easy cause red pollution. There are many way of printing, such as more like the way now, the company's logo and brand of the slogan and by hot stamping or hot silver, do this is to make the brand more conspicuous, consumers are also more likely to remember, to achieve the effect of brand publicity. High-end gift packaging gift box is not to say that luxury, or spend a lot of money to make a beautiful packaging, choose the appropriate packaging is the best, the reasonable use of today's society young people more like contracted style, appropriate combined with printing process, often can have unexpected effect.
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