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The details of the printing factories how to control the sample?

by:Welm     2020-07-22
Today, the details of the printing factories will share with you the sample, how to control and give you more understanding. Detail decides success or failure, the product sample printing control also must pay attention to detail, otherwise not only affect the printing progress, will cause unnecessary loss to the enterprise. Sample printing more depends on the details of the operator's attention, depending on the experience and ability. Samples of the core is to ensure the printing quality of printing. For plate making, paper, ink, including post-processing, a good sample printers can control the overall, attention to the problem of printing might happen and to correct them. In dongguan printing process should pay attention to details, in the process of preprint should pay special attention to, such as plate making mistakes. Sometimes, the communication between the client and the designer is sufficient, design is the same. Sometimes our plate maker is very careless. Customer to modify the manuscript repeatedly, until don't replace files, this is a problem. So plate-making business at the beginning of the process should be very careful. But in the process of printing, plate making error will appear, lead to there are large difference between samples and product design. Therefore, in the early stages of plate-making work, must make file a good curve, prevent file. Before printing machine put into use, therefore, should be arranged inspector to supervise the printing plate-making printing work. There are some errors in the content, such as product samples of printed text, why a lot of people will find a word error in the product samples, and even many text sentences do not understand the reason. In general, these problems were also more likely to happen to lack of experienced designers, they will ignore proofreading link, there is no specific personnel help to proofread. Therefore, when looking for a product sample printing design, many customers prefer experienced professional printing enterprise product sample, it depends on the careful designers and employees. There are some common problems, such as product samples printing color difference. This is caused by many of the details. Do some display format and image format is not match, the document can't according to the color of the computer, print out a special chromatographic values for your reference. Now, some printing unit is very cheap in the world, it has much to do with ink and paper, adhesion is not strong, the paper is very thin and so on. The printing enterprise shall regularly for equipment maintenance, regular replacement ink, check samples, especially in the proofing process, timely and correct the problem, to avoid big loss in the mass production. The details of the sample printing is the most important. In the production and design of the early and late, we have to be serious. After printing process is also strictly controlled. We will check carefully, timely communication with customers, make product samples.
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