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The classification of the carrier bags and paper bags customized knowledge

by:Welm     2020-06-22
Paper classification: the classification of the paper is divided into many handbag, file cover, envelope, garment bag, food bag, shopping bag, gift bag, can also according to the material can be divided into: kraft paper, paper bags, white cardboard paper bags, paper bags and special bond paper bag. 。 。 Paper bag which generally applicable material: paper bags of material basically has: white cardboard, kraft paper, black paper, bond paper and specialty paper. 1. The advantages of white cardboard, solid, more durable, good smoothness, printed color is very full, rich, 210 - commonly used paper bag 300 grams of white cardboard, often with the more is 230 grams of white cardboard. 2. On the material characteristics: whiteness and glossiness are good, when printing can make and pictures reflect stereo feeling, but its firmness than white cardboard. 128 - paper bags are commonly used to bond paper thickness 300 grams. 3. Kraft paper: the advantages of firmness has high toughness, not easy to tear, kraft paper, some generally suitable for printing monochrome or color is not rich in double color paper bag.
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