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The characteristics of the specialty paper application in packaging design

by:Welm     2020-06-17
Hong Kong star paper bags we now give you spread the specialty paper, specialty paper generally refers to have a particular properties and USES, high value-added paper, is a synthetic fiber, synthetic mixed pulp or raw materials such as wood pulp, and add other different materials, after processed with special properties of the paper. The appearance of the different USES of specialty paper, with different texture, thickness and texture. In addition, a variety of special purpose material or art paper, paper can be referred to as a specialty paper. Specialty paper classification of specialty paper classification including printing paper, writing and copying paper, packaging paper, household paper and technical paper, etc. ; According to the varieties can be divided into cotton paper, rice paper, asbestos paper, kraft paper, vegetable parchment, parchment, aluminum foil, etc. ; According to its USES can be divided into inkjet paper, filter paper, carbon paper, moisture absorption paper, wrapping paper, medical paper, magnetic card, pressure recording paper, etc. A wide range of specialty paper, in order to avoid the noun chaos caused by variety, at present mainly in the printing industry will be patterned paper art paper referred to as the special paper, such as to distinguish it from normal printing paper. Different types of specialty paper, printing, and the effect of all kinds of processing technology also have very big difference. Users must understand and grasp the characteristics of different specialty paper and performance, and adopt corresponding to the performance of machining process, to better highlight its advantages and features, design a simple and elegant, luxurious solemn, contemporary and contracted, etc all kinds of different styles of special paper work. Specialty paper features 1) Butter a piece of paper. Translucent shape, a variety of color, texture, smooth level off. Pure natural butter paper, commonly known as vegetable parchment, a texture hard thin film material. Vegetable parchment quality of a material is solid, fine and close and slightly transparent, with strong permeability of oil and water resistance, airtight, and wet strength is big, etc. It can waterproof, moistureproof, prevent oil, sterilization, disinfection, but in the process of printing ink adsorption and color reappearance ability is poor. But vegetable parchment very suitable for all kinds of folding process and hot stamping processing; On paper bronzing, hot silver, or color, four-color printing graphic, is distinctive, commonly used for book cover page or page in the design of the packing box of lining. 2) Synthetic paper, paper prints. Physical flexibility, texture pattern varied, rich and colorful color is wear-resisting, anti-fouling, moistureproof, moth-proofing, folding resistance and other properties. They apply to bronzing, hot silver, and the pressure bump, burning hot, such as processing, widely used in binding books, picture albums, certificates and high-grade packaging outer surface decoration. 3) The gold card, silver card. They are using UV transfer printing technology in the paper surface coated with a layer of UV oil, again through the cylinder moving light membrane or prescribed to design to printing paper, make the surface of the paper to produce light has the effect of the laser. Gold and silver cardboard paper strength, colour and lustre is gorgeous. Because of its paper surface is smooth, dense, so the printing ink penetration and absorption performance is very poor, weak printing eligibility, but hot stamping and pressure bump, decorative pattern has obvious effect, often used in high-grade books cover or high-grade packaging packaging gift box surface and lining. The advantages and disadvantages of specialty paper material and design the main features, application of specialty paper is on the paper, the performance and use are different from ordinary paper. In the paper, for example, more than plain paper is to use plant fiber, and specialty paper raw material, besides plant fiber, can also be equipped with all kinds of other plant fiber, chemical fiber, carbon fiber and metal fiber etc. It was thus able to make up for some weakness of the original natural fibers, improve the quality of paper, in order to achieve & other Optimum combination & throughout; The purpose of. So the use of special paper for packaging design, often can accomplish a lot in common on the wrapping paper with a special process also reach the effect, if used properly, they can simplify the production process, and make the final finish effect stand to get twice the result with half the effort. And specialty paper shows at the same time the advantages of the present, nature also have shortcomings and deficiencies. The cost of using special paper for packaging design, will be a lot higher than the cost of using ordinary packing paper. In addition, the use of special paper is closely related to the technological level of production unit also, because of its production difficulty will be much higher than ordinary paper, so if you want to present on packaging perfect characteristics of specialty paper, producers need to have perfect production experience and superb production technology. Once the production unit technology does not pass, then the consequences of also is very serious. In addition, because contain some natural fibers, specialty paper recycling is also a difficult problem that needs to be related professionals are trying to work out. Specialty paper material high technical content, high added value, use it as a packaging material also has been a period of time. Due to its outstanding effect, and the characteristics of the high technology, high performance, high benefit, specialty paper is welcomed by more and more widely. This welcome from both the consumer, and at the same time from the designer. From the point of view of graphic design and packaging design, the occurrence of specialty paper for the designer's work undoubtedly adds a good helper. If can skilled grasp of its performance and related processing technology, designers can create a completely different good packaging. And back to the design level of the public, use of special paper material, seep into the packaging design is not only to stay on the surface, but more needs to be a slowly and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people's culture. The emergence of new materials has brought convenience, but this doesn't mean as a designer, is irrelevant to use random.
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